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How to build your MoonBoard

Building a MoonBoard is a fairly simple job, however you will need basic carpentry skills, basic tools and a minimum of two people. The information in our downloadable PDFs are just a guide to how we built our board, however it may vary a great deal depending on your surroundings and building structure.

It isn’t necessary to support your moon board exactly as we have, but it is essential that you use the same measurements for the angle of the board, height, width, T-nut spacing and LED location. If you have any doubts regarding your board and its structure please seek professional advice. Whilst our information worked for us, we cannot accept responsibility if your board becomes unstable or dangerous.

Of course you could make life a touch easier for yourself and buy one of our freestanding MoonBoards. Get in touch with us for more details.

Happy climbing!


The Foundry, Sheffield UK